In order for you to establish if a virtual private server is worth your money, you need to first take a look at what it is about and the advantages if any.  Before you move on, you should know that a VPS works best if you have a business or website that gets you money.  Otherwise, it might merely be a little waste of your money.

If you want to get a VPS, you will have to pay some fees.  Now, there are very expensive VPS providers and there are others who are cheap, yet pretty effective.

Why Would I Need a VPS?

To have a clearer understanding of what a virtual private server is, think of your website as the place where you administer everything concerning your company or business.  There is traffic between users that include files, email, and of course, the website itself.  So, if you make changes to a feature and you want everyone with access to it, it will simply sync with this server in order for it to work for everyone.

Now, this information should be encrypted to avoid any thief from stealing your information.  In order for all this data to run across the Internet and unto your company’s site, you need a server.  A virtual private server host does that.  It gives your website a frame for you to work upon.  It provides all the privacy that you and your business need when it comes to sharing information.

You need a VPS if you want your website to run smoothly and without the risk of it crashing, which happens with shared servers.  If you are interested in security and do not want to risk getting your information compromised, then a VPS is for you.

What are the Benefits of a VPS?

Thanks to virtualization becoming cheaper and a higher interest in security, virtual private servers are seeing an increase in popularity.  This has actually made a better offer to a higher demand.   More on why you need a virtual private server are the benefits of actually having one.

  • Total control of the server.  A VPS gives you root access to the server.  This means that you can add as many types of applications as you want.  You can tweak it to make it specifically match your needs.
  • Small carbon footprint.  As web hosting technologies become more eco-friendly.  When you share a server with other people, instead of having one per person, you get one per every five, optimizing services and increasing efficiency.
  • High Reliability.  When compared to shared servers, VPS offers a much better option for making those users independent of each other.   In this way, if anybody messes up their shared part, only that client will be affected and not everyone on the same server.
  • Scalability.  If you are planning on growing at some point, it is important that your site has the flexibility to allow you to expand.

Expensive vs Cheap

Now, the question arises to which type fo VPS host to hire.  When it comes to windows VPS, you can get a pretty versatile cheap Windows VPS.  They offer the same security of an expensive server.  They allow root access, flexibility, and versatility.

A more expensive VPS provides a more personalized customer service and some premium features.  But in the end, in both cases, you get efficient customer service.

Are you looking for a reliable server, with enough space and scalability,  and that lets you install as many apps and services as you need, then you can trust that a VPS is definitively worth the cost.  Make the best choice based on what you really need.

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You have already heard that you can now 3D-print human bones for replacement or even some parts of the inside of an airplane’s cabin has been printed.  Since the technology started several years ago, it has seen many transformations and developments.  The future for this technology is pretty bright and we can´t wait to see what it is holding for us.

Of course, it seems that 3D printing is the solution to so many issues.  You can probably think of new and innovative ways it can be used.  The following are five surprising and totally crazy ways in which 3D printing is being used.   Whatever they are, you can trust that it will change and revolutionize the whole world.

Bullets for Guns

Ok, maybe this is not surprising at all but we still believe it is awesome.  Or maybe not.  If people can print bullets to actually kill someone, you might think that the killing just got easier and cheaper.  Just imagine yourself in the middle of a shooting and you run out.  But wait, I have a 3D printer right here.   Let me print hundreds of bullets right here from the bathroom and I´ll be with you.

But in a more serious tone, tough, being able to produce bullets easily can improve hunting and even fishing.


Yes, even though the idea is still not solid, there is a high probability of it being developed.  Just try to imagine you giving the architect details on what you want your house or office look like.  The agent inputs the details to their computer and suddenly parts decide to come out.

Printed Human Tissue

This is being tested to get the effectiveness of the entire product.  Imagine getting ready for surgery knowing that your new liver has been 3D printed. No more waiting in line for an organ.  Once again, this is still in development but it truly looks promising.

In Education

Teachers all over the place are reaping the benefits of 3D printing.  Some of them are having their students make a design for engineering.  Once they are done with the task, they are evaluated accordingly.  Or imagine a little child experimenting what a dinosaur looks like instead of relying on what the textbook says.

Careers like architecture, design, engineering, use printed models to obtain the pieces they require.

So, basically, a college student will create a product, promote it, and then sell it.  It sounds a lot convenient and free of any additional cost.

Protecting the environment

Yes!  Not only will 3D printing revolutionize as mentioned earlier but it will also help save the planet!  Not only is 3D printing helping with the protection of the environment but it is being used for disaster relief and humanitarian aid.

There is no doubt that the future of this technology seems only bright.  New, crazy, and even more surprising applications are being discovered.  It will change the way we do things and how we manufacture.  It will definitively change the economy and the way we do business.

It will have a greater impact on education as it helps stir up creativity in students.

The specs of the GoPro Hero 6 Black have been leaked and this is what we know before its official launch on September 28.  The first thing we learned was that it will shoot 240 fps slow motion at 1080p.

The new camera will come with a 12 MP lens and will capture 4K footage at 60fps. At least this is what was revealed by Photorumors.  If this is true, that would be an important upgrade from the GoPro Hero 5 which offered 4K footage but at 30 fps.  This will make videos shot with the new Hero 6 Black to play smoother and a much clearer footage when played back.

For those adrenaline junky fans, the camera will still allow those over 30 feet water jumps and adrenaline-filled activities.  The company has seen tough times as they have been reporting losses and personnel cuts.

The retail price of the camera will be $649 in Canada, according to the leak from there, which places it at a rough $499 in the US.  It is fair to note that, on the outside, the GoPro Hero 6 will not be looking much different from its predecessor, which is all right given the software new implementations.

It is also believed that GoPro will drop Ambarella and replace it with its custom processor known internally as “GP1”. This is probably due to the split between the two companies.  Now, this might sound like good news as GoPro will be able to manage most of the processing pipeline and offer better quality or battery life.

Other important rollouts from GoPro company are Fusion and Karma.  Fusion is its consumer 360-degree camera, which might be launched later this year as part of the September event.  Karma will probably get an update that will add a “follow me” feature, similar to the one found in DJI’s drones.

At the beginning of this year, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman said that the company is planning on making major investments in hardware, mobile and cloud tech. This with the idea of improving their specs for 2017.

Early this year, in February, he stated, “In 2017, we will build on this foundation for our customers while improving efficiency and managing costs to achieve profitability.”  With this, he hinted at the GoPro Hero 6 but did not give any details about it or launching date.

So far, we got speculations and can hardly wait for four days from now when we will finally be able to review the true specs of GoPro’s new camera.

The announcement of the iPhone X, whose keynote during the presentation was precisely the top-notch facial recognition technology, there is a lot of buzz flying around.  This sparked a lot of reactions and comments between those who consider the technology as the next great thing to prevent phone theft and those who believe there are still some challenges to overcome.

Facial recognition is becoming more and more common, actually.  But if you ask anyone how to get on top of it, easy, they’ll say, just cover your face.  If the technology is applied to unlocking a phone, just like the iPhone X, this can bring some security issues and even problems with wearing heavy makeup or getting a plastic surgery.

Does it Really Work?

During the presentation of Apple’s most expensive iPhone ever, there was a pretty embarrassing glitch.  During the first-time public use (or attempt) of face ID feature, Apple executive Craig Federighi was not able to get it started and had to use password unlock, which is what the phone will do when the face is not recognized.

This brought about doubts about if the technology works.  Apple then explained themselves after the little issue stating that it was not the device that failed but the staff did.  “People were handling the device for stage demo ahead of time,” an Apple spokesperson told Yahoo, “and didn’t realize Face ID was trying to authenticate their face. After failing a number of times, because they weren’t Craig, the iPhone did what it was designed to do, which was to require his passcode. Face ID worked as it was designed to.”

This statement from the company eased some skeptics.  We still believe there is a long way to go with this technology but we can’t wait to see how Apple has overcome the difficulties.

Some weaknesses of Facial Recognition Technology

From what we know so far, this technology is still far from perfect.  Here are some pros and cons with facial recognition technology.

  • The viewing angle still struggles.  It works good full front and even with a 20-degree angle, but problems start when you go full profile.
  • Face recognition often misreads a person’s face and this could lead to controversy. Google took a storm hit after their face ID technology mistakenly confused a couple of black persons with two gorillas.
  • The fact that the technology is usually tested in racial majorities, the fact that it struggles to recognize minorities also sparks controversy.
  • Systems get less effective if the expression changes.  Basically, if you smile, for instance, the tech will probably have a hard time identifying your face.
  • If a person has a covered face, current face ID technology would not be able to recognize them.  However, work towards improving this is taking place.

A Privacy Disaster on the Horizon?

Of course, there are privacy issues and related events that might also be implied in this technology.  Take for example that a phone that unlocks with face recognition has to always be on.  Meaning that it can be unlocked even if it is just resting on a table.  Senior Staff Attorney Adam Schwartz from Electronic Frontier Foundation explains that this “always on” features means always gathering information.

“Once the always-on device gathers information, it may be available to many kinds of people, contrary to the user’s intentions,” Schwartz said.

The fact that the camera is always on is going to be a privacy issue.  Why?  Because your device can pickup unwanted data that in the future could get you in trouble.  This is like Amazon’s Echo, which is always on and can accidentally pick up stuff and make it available to third parties.


As usual, the presentation of the new iPhone X created much anticipation and a storm of comments on the web.  It is a habit of Apple to present us with cutting-edge technology and innovative design.   During the same event, the iPhone 8 was introduced and in a matter of 25 minutes, it became obsolete.

Now the buzz is about the new iPhone X and probably the most commented feature is the top-notch face-recognition technology which Apple now introduces as a strong security measure.  With this, you will be able to unlock your phone, Apple Pay, and use it with third-party applications that enable it.

But there are some other interesting features about the iPhone X that you probably missed.  We understand, the whole face-recognition and using makeup vs. not using makeup thing probably shadowed everything else.

But do not fret.  We got for your the top five features of the iPhone X that might make you go above and beyond to buy one for yourself.  Brace yourself!

A Cleaner Display

With a color ratio of 1,000,000:1, 458 ppi of pixel density (that is more than 2 million pixels, by the way), all of this features on an OLED display, which Apple calls Super Retina Display, this is the cleanest display you will ever get.

To this, you must add a 5.8-inch display which goes all over the entire front and a 2046 x 1125 resolution and you get a pretty clean experience for watching your videos.

No Home Button

Just to make your life easier, and we saw this one coming, Apple has eliminated the Home button.  It has been replaced with gestures.  In this way, if you want to go to your home screen, you just swipe up from the bottom.  Eliminating the home button allowed Apple to offer a full screen on the front with no edges or interruptions.  We are not complaining at all.


Apple decided to expand the face-recognition technology and made it into fun “animojis”.  Not that you can do without them but you will now be able to have an emoji simulate your expressions in a video to send to your friends.  This fun feature is available thanks to the True Depth camera system.

Wireless Charging

We have been waiting for Apple to allow Qi wireless charging, which is the standard when it comes to it.  This is great news since it seems like you will not need to go get an Apple exclusive to take advantage of this feature.  Apple does have a charging matt that allows wireless charging of other devices.  Speaking of charging, the battery of the iPhone X lasts two hours longer than the iPhone 7.


The 12-megapixel wide-angle lens and a second telephoto lens for zooming are promised to offer a better graphics experience than iPhone 7.  This new iPhone offers some other cool features to enhance the look in pictures and videos.

The new iPhone 8 and iPhone X is expected to be released on November 3 in a very short supply.

Microsoft Announces Launch Date of VR Headset

Buckle up, techy people. We’ve got news that will surely excite your inner geeky and hi-technology side. Are you ready? Here it is. Microsoft just announce the launch date of the first ever Virtual Reality “Mixed Reality” Headset. And the date is…. drum roll please…. October 17!

Of course, we are as excited as you are. What a great way to welcome the first week of September, yes? They said a couple of weeks ago that the release is going to happen on a “holiday,” it seems that we’re all going to have an early techy holiday for this season.

Earlier Announcement

Microsoft promises to bundle the VR headsets with motion controllers. It wasn’t too long when HoLo lens inventor Alex Kipman revealed that by the end of the year, these bundles will be available from Acer, Dell, HP and Lenovo.

Steam also announced that they will support the Mixed Reality headset. This simply means that VR games and apps will be much more interesting!

VR Headset Basic Specifications

The specs that we are going to provide here are the basic specification that the VR has. They may be sold per brand but each one almost has the same physical capabilities. Weighing at least 350 grams, Microsoft’s VR “Mixed Reality headset will have two unbelievably high resolution LCD at 1440 x 1440 with a display size of 2.89” diagonally. It will also have a front hinged display with a 95 degrees horizontal point of view. The display rate can also be refreshed up to 90 Hz. As for its basic connectivity, there will be a built in audio for a real-time feeling and a microphone that supports the universal 3.5mm jack. For the display, there will be an available HDMI 2.0 with a single cable and USB 3.0 for connectivity and 4.00m cable.  Here is a closer look at the headset.


As stated above, Microsoft VR “Mixed Reality Headset will be sold by different brands. It’s features are almost the same with each other. Distinction would perhaps be about which one has a better quality and other bundles. Let’s talk about the price.

Dell will have Mixed Reality into their Dell Visor VR118. The price would be $400 – $350 on the VR alone plus $100 on the controller. Its release is also happening on October.

Asus on the other hand has a simpler name – Asus Mixed Reality Headset (HC102). It may not have an exact date of released but this gadget will rougly cost around $450 as well.

It seems that Lenovo has a sexier and most recognizable name – Lenovo Explorer. It also has the exact same price of Dell with a total of $450 and $350 minus the controller. As per the brand’s announcement, this gadget is about to hit the market in a few weeks. Perhaps we can also expect it by October.

Meanwhile Acer and HP have been quiet with their very own Virtual Reality Headsets. Rumors have said that they will release their own virtual reality by October. Of course, it’s price will range from the stated rates above.

How Alexa can Simplify Your Life

I’m sure we have all seen the commercials with ‘Alexa’ playing music, ordering pizza or telling you what the weather is like outside on command. If you do not know what Alexa is by now, please allow me to educate you.

What is Alexa?

Alexa is the amazing virtual assistant app that comes with your Amazon devices like Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Tap, Fire TV, etc. The app is in many ways like Siri for the Apple products. All it needs is a wake-up command that is obviously its name, Alexa, then you can begin asking and commanding away.

Here are a few ways in which this smart, innovative app can make your life better;

Play Music

All you need to do is say the title of the track and Alexa finds it and plays it for you. If you even need a specific genre or mood, Alexa can make a selection for you. No need to start flipping through playlists.

Read to You

Alexa can read the daily news and keep you up to date to with current affairs so you can catch up with the world. If you also need your audiobooks read while you relax, Alexa does that too.

Play Games for You

Next time you need to play rock, paper, scissors or to flip a coin in that funny way we like to make decisions, just ask Alexa to do it. It works, I promise.

Manage Your Calendar and Set Reminders

Alexa is like your own personal planner. No need to type, just tell Alexa what date you would like to be reminded of and it will be added to your to-do list.

Do Math

Ask Alexa any math question you like and you will be given an accurate answer. You do not need to find a calculator.

Order Food

Simply tell Alexa what you would like to eat and where you want it from and the next time you will have to stand or lift a finger is when the delivery guy is at your doorstep. You just have to make sure that Amazon is partnered with the company.

Control House Functions

Tell Alexa to turn off the lights or adjust your thermostat and it will be done. You will never need to get up from the couch again.

Find Your Phone

Just say “Alexa, open ‘Where’s my phone’,” and the app will give your phone a ring so you can find it wherever it is at home.

Plan Your Workout

Alexa can help you get a quick workout in anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is tell the app to plan a workout for you and you will be talked through it.