What do we know about GoPro Hero 6?

The specs of the GoPro Hero 6 Black have been leaked and this is what we know before its official launch on September 28.  The first thing we learned was that it will shoot 240 fps slow motion at 1080p.

The new camera will come with a 12 MP lens and will capture 4K footage at 60fps. At least this is what was revealed by Photorumors.  If this is true, that would be an important upgrade from the GoPro Hero 5 which offered 4K footage but at 30 fps.  This will make videos shot with the new Hero 6 Black to play smoother and a much clearer footage when played back.

For those adrenaline junky fans, the camera will still allow those over 30 feet water jumps and adrenaline-filled activities.  The company has seen tough times as they have been reporting losses and personnel cuts.

The retail price of the camera will be $649 in Canada, according to the leak from there, which places it at a rough $499 in the US.  It is fair to note that, on the outside, the GoPro Hero 6 will not be looking much different from its predecessor, which is all right given the software new implementations.

It is also believed that GoPro will drop Ambarella and replace it with its custom processor known internally as “GP1”. This is probably due to the split between the two companies.  Now, this might sound like good news as GoPro will be able to manage most of the processing pipeline and offer better quality or battery life.

Other important rollouts from GoPro company are Fusion and Karma.  Fusion is its consumer 360-degree camera, which might be launched later this year as part of the September event.  Karma will probably get an update that will add a “follow me” feature, similar to the one found in DJI’s drones.

At the beginning of this year, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman said that the company is planning on making major investments in hardware, mobile and cloud tech. This with the idea of improving their specs for 2017.

Early this year, in February, he stated, “In 2017, we will build on this foundation for our customers while improving efficiency and managing costs to achieve profitability.”  With this, he hinted at the GoPro Hero 6 but did not give any details about it or launching date.

So far, we got speculations and can hardly wait for four days from now when we will finally be able to review the true specs of GoPro’s new camera.

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