Surprising Ways 3D Printing is Being Used

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You have already heard that you can now 3D-print human bones for replacement or even some parts of the inside of an airplane’s cabin has been printed.  Since the technology started several years ago, it has seen many transformations and developments.  The future for this technology is pretty bright and we can´t wait to see what it is holding for us.

Of course, it seems that 3D printing is the solution to so many issues.  You can probably think of new and innovative ways it can be used.  The following are five surprising and totally crazy ways in which 3D printing is being used.   Whatever they are, you can trust that it will change and revolutionize the whole world.

Bullets for Guns

Ok, maybe this is not surprising at all but we still believe it is awesome.  Or maybe not.  If people can print bullets to actually kill someone, you might think that the killing just got easier and cheaper.  Just imagine yourself in the middle of a shooting and you run out.  But wait, I have a 3D printer right here.   Let me print hundreds of bullets right here from the bathroom and I´ll be with you.

But in a more serious tone, tough, being able to produce bullets easily can improve hunting and even fishing.


Yes, even though the idea is still not solid, there is a high probability of it being developed.  Just try to imagine you giving the architect details on what you want your house or office look like.  The agent inputs the details to their computer and suddenly parts decide to come out.

Printed Human Tissue

This is being tested to get the effectiveness of the entire product.  Imagine getting ready for surgery knowing that your new liver has been 3D printed. No more waiting in line for an organ.  Once again, this is still in development but it truly looks promising.

In Education

Teachers all over the place are reaping the benefits of 3D printing.  Some of them are having their students make a design for engineering.  Once they are done with the task, they are evaluated accordingly.  Or imagine a little child experimenting what a dinosaur looks like instead of relying on what the textbook says.

Careers like architecture, design, engineering, use printed models to obtain the pieces they require.

So, basically, a college student will create a product, promote it, and then sell it.  It sounds a lot convenient and free of any additional cost.

Protecting the environment

Yes!  Not only will 3D printing revolutionize as mentioned earlier but it will also help save the planet!  Not only is 3D printing helping with the protection of the environment but it is being used for disaster relief and humanitarian aid.

There is no doubt that the future of this technology seems only bright.  New, crazy, and even more surprising applications are being discovered.  It will change the way we do things and how we manufacture.  It will definitively change the economy and the way we do business.

It will have a greater impact on education as it helps stir up creativity in students.

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